Aya Bauer, a French-Senegalese born in Prague, spent her childhood behind the Iron Curtain. In 1978, at the end of the political exile of her father, charismatic leader of the African Independence movement, she left Prague for Dakar. 1988, she became a Parisian. 2007, under the guidance of Stevie Wonder, she joins her artist-musician husband in Los Angeles. 2009, back to Senegal. 2018, back to France, then on to Abidjan in December 2021. December 2022 marks the start of new adventures in Costa Rica, where he will finish writing his book.

Passionate about all kinds of creative expression, she imagined the soundtrack to the book Bambouline Fever, and atmospheres each of her columns with a playlist and an it bag, a mishmash of stories. She is also fascinated by the artistic universe, resilience and swag of Frida Kahlo, whom she portrays in the form of a collage portrait in May 2023. Pura vida!

Frida by Aya copyright 2023

About therapy writing

“My path of the cross, studded with unspoken words and incredible adventures, having definitively distanced me from the tyranny of certainties, I threw myself wholeheartedly into analyzing my different cultures to turn them into an art of living. Over time, I’ve learned to turn things around, to “recycle” the harm I’ve suffered into artistic expressions that are vectors of resilience. Amazon of nothingness, writing slung over my shoulder, I seek out words to swing my emotions rather than suffer the ills of this world.”

Aya Bauer