2023 Edition

Jean-Gabriel NOZE, Artistic Director, graphic and web designer
Jack MC ENERY, young and talented Irish translator (book and website)
Mao OTAYECK, singer-songwriter who did the remix of Bambouline Fever
Noga Ritter, Israeli singer-songwriter who performed the song Bambouline Fever in English and Hebrew
Blandine Rottier : audio “Letter to Daddy cool”

2018 Edition

Muriel Troadec founder of the independent publishing house Les Lettres Mouchetées
Danièle Vallée, from the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris who supported this project at its beginning in 2017
Ariane Kenza (, artist, graphic designer and designer of the book cover.

Conception, creation and planning of the website
Studio Smart ID

Editorial Content
Studio Smart ID
Jack Mc Enery

Graphic illustrations of the book

Ariane Kensa – Infographie et Webdesign